Capacity building, and strengthening, are integral to the VITALITY Trial work plan. Clinical research network capacity building generally refers to programs that aim at enhancing networks of researchers to conduct clinical research.  Currently, within the consortium, the main area of capacity building is through the training of PhD and MSc students. We are able to offer an enabling environment, mentorship and supervision to train and educate students and junior researchers.  

From September 2021, students have been recruited in both Zambia and Zimbabwe and, are being jointly supervised by scientists from across our large international multi-centre consortium This will increase scientific and research capacity through the training of these local students. 

As expected, PhD meetings, upgrading and pre-viva PhD seminars and other research meetings will be held as well as regular online teaching seminars focused on topics such as data management, statistics, study design, quantitative and qualitative data collection. These seminars will be open to all researchers, study staff and students across the sites.