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VITALITY NIH Fogarty PhD Fellow awarded the prestigious 2024 ESCEO-Islene Araujo de Carvalho Prize

We are beyond proud and delighted to announce that our doctoral candidate Tafadzwa Madanhire, was awarded the prestigious 2024 ESCEO-Islene Araujo de Carvalho Prize in recognition of his PhD work on bone metabolism and growth in adolescents with HIV. The award ceremony took place at the 24th Edition of the WCO-IOF-ESCEO Congress which took place at the Hilton London Metropole on April 11-14, 2024.

Only one recipient is honoured each year for this prize which is named after Dr Islene Araujo de Carvalho who was former Senior Policy and Strategy Adviser, Department of Maternal, Newborn, Child, Adolescent Health and Ageing, at the World Health Organisation (WHO). Tafadzwa was presented his prize by Dr. Anshu Banerjee, Director for the Department of Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health and Ageing at the WHO.

Tafadzwa'a work focuses on changes in bone turnover markers and pQCT measured bone measures after a one-year vitamin D3 [25(OH)D] and calcium supplementation among children living with HIV. This is based on the VITALITY trial data seeking to determine the effect of vitamin D3 [25(OH)D] and calcium supplementation on pQCT measured bone mass, size and strength in children living with HIV (CWH), and the extent to which any effect of supplementation is explained by changes in vitamin D3 pathway metabolites.

Tafadzwa has also co-authored several publications and we look forward to sharing more of his future successes, of which we are sure there will be many.

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