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Zambia Team and Participant Advisory Board Plan for school dissemination 2023

The VITALITY team in Zambia have started their Participant Advisory Board (PAB) meeting schedule for 2023. The PABs are incredibly important to the study, they represent the communities in which we work, and their regular interaction with the teams allows them to learn about the trial's progress which they then commit to sharing with the wider districts, reporting back any concerns or issues. They assist with recruitment and retention, and contribute with insights and suggestions to improve understanding and dissemination.

This first meeting for 2023 (held on 21st February) once again, clearly illustrates the CAB's commitment to the study and to improving the health of their young people. One member suggested that, as they originated from different areas, each could identify a school in their community to visit and share information on the study and provide important information on how to prevent teenage pregnancies. Accordingly, the basic schools in Bauleni, Chawama, Kanyama, and Kalingalinga will be contacted by VITALITY staff member, Emily Zulu, to request permission to visit and interact with the pupils.

The meetings are proposed for dates in May and June (schools recess is 6th April-8th May) and all will take place on a Saturday due the VITALITY team's busy schedule, with the added benefit of not interfering with the young people's study time.

We very much look forward to hearing back from these meetings and congratulate our Zambia colleagues and their CAB members on their hard work in their continuous community engagement.

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