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VITALITY: A new associated project in the Leibniz Research Alliance

The LRA Team

The VITALITY study is delighted to announce that an academic partnership has recently been established with the Leibniz Research Alliance (LRA), brokered by Prof. Ulrich Schaible from the Research Centre Borstel and LRA INFECTIONS.

Professor Ulrich stated: "VITALITY is a great example of an interdisciplinary intervention study to improve the outcome of an important infectious disease by linking nutritional, metabolic, immunological and microbiome analyses, and with the strong potential of immediate benefit for the patients."

The Leibniz Research Alliance (LRA) INFECTIONS aims to establish an interdisciplinary research agenda and opens up new avenues of communication across disciplines. New strategies and methods for early warning and outbreak management systems will be developed to control spread of pathogens.

We are all looking forward for a great and fruitful cooperation!

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